Trying to survive the end of summer school and packing.

Packing is an art… all you need in 70 pounds.

I have to sit down and figure out better and cheaper ways to transport stuff. This airplane-one-luggage-per-costumer is totally insane.

My brain is totally melting, I want to be a vegetable for a while, but I just can’t – or shouldn’t.

I packed and re-packed my carry-on, my luggage, my back pack and my extra luggage several times, but things insist in not fitting. Studying takes up a lot of space… I’m longing for the day they will have all books online. One of my bags is all books and shoes. I want to take presents to everybody, and that’s half an extra bag… I’ll end up taking just one dress, one underwear and a pair of socks. Who needs clothes?

 I’m going to a play, maybe after that I can make more sense, and write something decent.

I’m writing a final project for one of my classes and it is already 17 pages long…


Miss you readers! Love you much! Sorry for being a nerd-vegetable lately!