My dear teacher wanted the class to write “a general definition of nature, including its positive and negative aspects and how it influences culture”

obs. all he talks about in class are “the markers: anarchy, hierarchy, religion and nature”

This is what I wrote first:

Although the definition of nature is often written to differentiate animals, plants and landscape from people, humans are essentially a part of nature. The same neurons, neutrons and electrons build everything that exists, and surround it with the same mystery of simply being. Any form of human production and interpretation gathers a physical part, connected on its roots with the environment, and an abstract part, imagination. Similarly, the seasons are merely a concept created to categorize patterns in nature. The same ideas linked to the changes in weather can be postulated to cultural phenomena. The flame, the passion, the intensity of summer can well explain religion; the coldness, fear and seclusion of winter are characteristics of hierarchy; the falling leaves, death and apparent chaos brought by fall are also traits of anarchy; and, finally, the warmth, color and life in spring are certainly associated with the reason why civilizations call nature, mother.

he told me I needed “to focus on the specific negative aspects of nature as well as the positive aspects of nature”

This is the reference he gave the class:

“Nature is always a presence in any piece of fiction; its presence always varies. It appears as mountains, hills, prairies and deserts as general topography. In particulars, we know nature in rivers, lakes, streams, bayous, springs and brooks. We know nature in trees and vegetation. We know nature in rains, hurricanes, floods, droughts, landslides and earthquakes. We know nature in temperature and seasons. We know nature in the quality of soil on which we live: sometimes soil is rocky and barren; other times its is loamy and fertile. we know nature as a positive force as well as a negative force.”

(the part in italic is not me mistyping)

This is my second draft, with his comments:

Human culture is influenced positively and negatively by the different facets of nature.  Eliminate:Its abundant colors and shapes have inspired several artists such as Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh.   Amplify: Penicillin, Arnica and Chamomile are important therapeutic assets discovered through interaction with the immense variety in flora and fauna. An array of natural resources, including lumber, minerals and fossil materials offer the possibility of technical development in agriculture, transportation and communication. On the other hand, tsunamis and floods have destroyed entire cities, amongst them Lisbon (1755), Arica (1868), and Hilo (1946). Malaria, AIDS and Cholera still kill thousands every day and famine has generated war and conflict between Peoples throughout time.

He also said I needed to be more specific.

I don’t know what to do, seriously. I am specifically desperate.