I’m always surprised when someone tells me they don’t think culture is important.

I have this belief that I should constantly re-evaluate my thoughts and ideas, so I’m always willing to imagine a world without culture.

Well, first of all we wouldn’t be able to talk, but let’s pretend that communication is not culture. All monuments and works of art (literature, music, painting, sculpture, etc) would be destroyed in a big “Indiana Jones” style (ups, movies are gone too)explosion. What a happy moment, when the only sound in the world would be that of machines and the only view, smoke. Do we want to resemble what we produce or do we produce in resemblance to ourselves? The practical is now god. Abstraction, philosophy, art are the devil; distracts us from being The Perfect Human Beings, productive in a “practical” way. Even though science keeps doing one mistake after the other, having to correct itself and find new parameters, Science is The Truth. The big explosion would certainly be a problem to our fallen angels… Not a lot of evidence about human psyche, how to deal with mental diseases, social disorders, and so forth. Guess this part of humanity could die after the explosion. Useless, you know. Man is a gadget. What do you do? I cut wood. What do you do? I put two cut pieces together. What do you do? I make screws. What a wonderful world.   (Ups, sorry, forgot about the explosion). Each person has a “read-me” chip, which they insert into the other person’s hd and then, well, that would solve the talking problem! Chips (can’t quite imagine a chip without design, but oh well).  Reproduction has to be measured. Why having a bunch of kids who might have mental diseases and then have to be sacrificed anyway? In the end you don’t even need to have sex, ’cause, you know, not very practical. Electrical waves at night give you better and safer pleasure. No suffering (no happiness either). Only plain living. Ah, the safety of living cultureless (Ups, no neologisms) without culture!

 – Ana, you’re being too dramatic! I am only saying that those dead guys are not important in education.

– So, what do you suggest? Give me one example of one thing that doesn’t have any influence of any kind of “those dead guys”.

– Geography!

– You don’t need math for Geography? You think maps doesn’t have history?

– We don’t need the dead guy. The satellites can make the maps.

– So you believe knowledge is intrinsic?

– in.. what?

– Never mind. How would you come up with statistics, analysis of the knowledge you have today without comparing it to previous works?

– If it works, it’s good. You can make statistics out of one work.

– And if it doesn’t work?

– Then we try again.

– Wouldn’t it be helpful to have other stuff you can look up to for ideas?

– Sure, other living people’s ideas.

– So, no competition, everybody should cooperate in the length of their life with their ideas and as soon as they die, those ideas are extinguished with them?

– Why no competition?

– Because you are just cooperating to make a map.

– We can compete to see who makes the best map.

– Would you give your ideas freely to a person you are competing with?

– Ok, what’s the problem with no competition, aren’t you defending a global value for culture?

– Yes.

– You are a drama queen.

– I probably am.