I just need to get a couple of half a dozen things off of my chest.

1)      Please, stop discussing altruism, “Friends” made a great episode on the theme, let’s hang on to it.

2)      What is the problem with going from gothic art to street art to a specific guy’s art to elephant art? People are so attached to some words that they take it as a personal offense if you say graffiti is art… When in doubt or in lack of imagination, let’s stick to the dictionary, please. Words are not like underwear, if someone (mis)uses it, you CAN use it again without fear that you may catch the terrible smell disposed on it previously.

3)      If you don’t like museums, then don’t go to museums. Simple as that. No need to hate them and want all of them to be banned from Earth or hate people who enjoy going to museums.

4)      Why do people insist that the artist is irrelevant to the work he has made?  If a guy who doesn’t know how to read makes amazing paintings with his feet, awesome! If some parents sell their 2 year old’s paintings as art for a couple of hundred dollars, awesome! If an elephant paints pretty flowers in canvas, awesome! You look at it and you see the world through it, awesome! We might like it even though we don’t know who the artist is, but if we want to analyze it, we have to know who did it! It’s like looking at a gothic church and ignoring it is a church, when it was made, or who the king was at the time… If it wasn’t important, artists just wouldn’t sign their names. I do understand you can’t read people’s mind, so saying “ I think he wanted to say that” is not the best way to express the different interpretations  you can draw from the work, but between that and forgetting the author, lies an abysm.

5)      You must learn geometric shapes, then how to fill in the shapes, then color, then texture, and then you can draw. Really?  I must have been asleep when the all-mighty came and gave us the amendments on how to draw.

6)      People are bad. Yes, people are bad. And good! Isn’t that amazing?

7)      Why do students cheat on tests, why don’t they want to learn, why are they late, why do they skip class? BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO BE IN SCHOOL. When it is someone’s duty to go do something, you can’t really expect him/her to rejoice, right?

8)      Marriage sucks. Ok, don’t get married.

9)      I can’t stand the baby crying all night and pooping all day! Don’t have babies, don’t babysit nor work in a nursery school.

10)    I don’t understand why people do this or do that… Right, you don’t understand, that’s it.

11)   It’s all about money! Freud would say it’s all about sex. There might be other things involved, such as fear, search for power, beliefs, hazard, choices, love, but, hm, it’s all suggestion.

12)   I reserve the rights to change my mind, make use of irony and be in a bad mood, thanks.